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bernedoodle adult

Standard Bernedoodles range in size from 45-110 pounds 23-29 inches at the shoulder.

Generally our smaller standards are 45-80 pounds and our larger standards are 80-110.

It is difficult to say what size each Bernedoodle puppy will be.

Bernese Mountain Dogs can be 50-150 pounds, that is a 100 pounds size range.

Standard Poodles can be 20-80 pounds, that is a 60 pounds size range.

When trying to estimate adult weight for a Bernedoodle puppy the most accurate way to do so is to look at past puppies from the pairing. 

Size is never a guarantee.

My largest standard paring puppies are generally 85-110 pounds full grown. We have had 3 litters from this pairing. Out of all 3 litters all of the puppies were 85-120 pounds full grown except one that ended up being around 45 pounds. This is an example of how hard it can be to make a correct estimate about the adult weight. ​​

Adult Bernedoodles

Standard Bernedoodle next to a couch

standard Bernedoodle dog

Standard Bernedoodle Size

Here you can see a 10 month old Standard Bernedoodle next to a doberman. 

What is The Size of Standard Bernedoodles?

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Here you can see a Pure Bernese Mountain Dog next to a F1 Standard Bernedoodle.

(Left Bernese Mountain Dog, Right F1 Stadard Bernedoodle)

bernedoodle and doberman

Standard Bernedoodle next to a young boy.

stabdard bernedoodle and boy