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Bringing a Bernedoodle Puppy Home

What Age Can I Bring My Bernedoodle Puppy Home?

What age can I bring my Bernedoodle Puppy home

The short answer is between 8 to 10 weeks.

We do not take our puppies away from their litter before 8 weeks. 

When puppies are taken from their litter too early, it could very likely affect their behavior and personality. The odds of displaying fearfulness, destructiveness, excessive barking, food possessiveness and attention-seeking are greater for dogs that are removed from their litter too early during the socialization period. Because we want the very best for our puppies and for you as you start to form your new relationship, your puppy must stay with us for at least 8 weeks.

We ask that all families take their puppy home by or before 10 weeks.

Typically, if a puppy is left with their litter too long, they start to develop a pecking order and a pattern of dominant or submissive behaviors around their littermate. This could also be problematic to their social behaviors later on. Puppies need to go to their families or to training camp between 8-10 weeks.

If you pick up your puppy at 8 weeks you will be able to take them as carry on if you are flying. If you wait until 10 weeks your standard puppy will be too big!

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