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Phantom Bernedoodle
Phantom Bernedoodle adult mini

Phantom Bernedoodle puppies are usually born with their rust markings. Some Phantom Bernedoodles are born looking pure black. If you look under the tail and they have brown markings that is a good indicator that the puppy will eventually have phantom markings. With most of our phantoms their color comes in more with age. You can see great examples of some of our past phantom bernedoodle puppies below.

mini phantom bernedoodle

How can I get a phantom Bernedoodle

phantom Bernedoodle puppy
Phantom Bernedoodle
Phantom bernedoodle with kids

What is a phantom bernedoodle

Phantom coloring is a dog that has one main color, and then has 'tips' of another color. If you can picture the coloring of a Rottweiler, or a Doberman, this is the same color scheme. Phantom can occur with any color, A Silver Phantom with White points, A Chocolate phantom with Cream points, A black phantom with tan points, etc etc phantom Bernedoodles have a base coat of black or brown with brown on all four legs, chest, checks, and eyebrows.

Some of the dogs in pictures are technically a phantom tricolor but to give you an idea of what a phantom bernedoodle looks like I think it is appropriate to share the pictures. A true phantom bernedoodle is only black and brown. When a bernedoodle has Black, rust, and minimal white we call that a phantom tricolor. 

Phantom Bernedoodle Puppies

Phantom Bernedoodle

Phantom Bernedoodle Adults

If you are interested in getting a phantom bernedoodle you will need to fill out our puppy application here.  We usually have 1 or 2 phantom bernedoodles in our litters. Our poodle girl Reeece always has phantoms in her litters. Our phantom mini bernedoodles will be out of our mini Sires Milo and Marshall.

Phantom Bernedoodles

Adult phantom Bernedoodle
Phantom Bernedoodle - Utah Bernedoodles

Phantom Bernedoodle adults are usually black and tan, silver and cream, cream and silver, or black and cream. Phantom Bernedoodles are stunning!
You can see great examples of some of our past phantom bernedoodle adults below.