We were the first Mini Bernedoodle breeders in America and the second to intentionally bred Mini Bernedoodles in the world. With the experience and knowledge we set out to find the perfect Mini Poodle stud. In 2013 and 2014 it was nearly impossible to find a Mini Poodle out of health tested lines and even harder to find a breeder that would sell to a breeder that planned to bred Bernedoodles. We finally found a breeder we knew we had to have a dog from. The first time I contacted her she turned me down simply because I told her that I planned to breed Bernedoodles. After 6 months of emails and calls back and forth she decided to sell to me even though she was against doodle breeders. 

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Milo and Our Mini Bernedoodle Program

Milo Mini Poodle

Milo Mini Poodle

​Top quality Bernedoodles Standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Tiny Bernedoodle puppies. "Often imitated, never duplicated" 

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Milo is one of our older Mini poodles for our Mini Bernedoodle Program.

He is the sire to some of our Mini Bernedoodles currently in our program.

Before we found Milo we used my sisters stud Duke and outside studs for our Mini Bernedoodles. After 4 years of breeding Mini Bernedoodles we found Milo in April of 2014. We wanted to try other studs and do our research before bringing a Mini Poodle into our program. We learned through experience the ins and outs about Mini Bernedoodles. We learned what worked as well as what did not work. We found that if you bred a toy poodle to a Bernese the puppies can have short legs and long bodies, we learned what genetics were required to create the Tricolor coat of the Bernese and much more!

Milo was born April 6, 2014. As soon as Milo was 8 weeks old I brought him home. I knew he was something special from the moment I picked him up from the airport. He was my first small dog and didn’t even weigh 2 pounds. I felt like he was going to break he was seemed so small. I would call the breeder worried because I was not used to seeing such a small dog. Before I had Milo I would have never thought that I would own a small breed. I didn’t like that small breeds tend to have extremely high energy and are generally yappy. Milo changed my opinion about small dogs. He was nothing like what I thought a small dog would be. He was calm, eager to please, loyal, and overall an amazing companion. After our first litter I was hooked. With the Mini Bernedoodle you truly get the perfect dog. Well as close to perfect as you can get.

When Milo had his first litter I knew I had to have a puppy of his for myself. His puppies are like potatoes chips, you can’t just have one. We have 5 of his Mini Bernedoodle puppies in our Tiny Bernedoodle program. With all of our Berendoodle puppies out of him you can see his personality in them. All of his puppies have the beautiful Tricolor coat or the Phantom coat. People often ask me how I consistently produce the Tricolor and Phantom in my Mini Bernedoodles. The answer is Milo. Milo is an amazing stud. Our girls Cece, Mia, and Meadow are out of Milo. Each and every one of them are the perfect example of what a Mini Bernedoodle should be. All of them have great temperaments. Cece is a traditional tricolor Mini Bernedoodle with more of the Bernese mountain dog build, Mia is a Phantom tricolor Mini Bernedoodle with the Bernese mountain dog build, and Meadow is a Phantom Mini Bernedoodle with a good mix of the Bernese mountain dog and poodle build. This is why I love his puppies. You get the prefect variety and every one of them has an amazing calm temperament.

We tested Milo with OFA for his hips, elbows, heart, and patella. He passed hips good, elbows normal, heart normal, and patella normal. We did his DNA testing with Paw prints genetics. He is clear on GM2 Gangliosidosis, clear on Degenerative Myelopathy, clear on Progressive Retinal Atrophy, clear/carrier on Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration, clear on Osteochondrodysplasia, and clear on Von Willebrand Disease. All of Milos’s puppies in our program have been tested with OFA and all have passed!! He is a healthy boy and passes that to his puppies.

Milo is the boss around the house. It is funny because he is one of the smallest dogs in the house. He knows what he wants and keeps everyone in line. He acts like the big brother. If the other dogs are playing rough he will go and check it out. He is my shadow. He likes to help feed the animals and go for a ride. His favorite thing to do is go for a ride around the farm in the back of the truck. He starts on the front seat but will climb through the window so he can be in the back with the big dogs. Don’t worry we do not go out on the highway with the dogs in the back of the truck. We take them for drives around the farm and let them run free in acres of open fields.

He is one of the calmest small dogs I have seen. He is calm, eager to please, loyal, and a great friend. He would be an awesome therapy dog because of his ability to read how you feel. When I am having a long day he will curl up next to my legs and look at me like he is trying to say he is there for me. When my daughter cries he will run and check on her and make sure she is ok. It will be a sad day when he retires. We plan to retire him in 2019. His puppies have brought so much happiness and joy to families all over the world.

He is 12 pounds and 13 inches tall. He has thick shoulders and a nice square build. We are excited to see his upcoming Mini Bernedoodles and watch his past Mini Bernedoodles continue his legacy in our program.