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Pawprints Health testing

Jasper is a very healthy boy. We tested him with OFA for hips, elbows, heart, and patella. We sent in DNA with Pawprints genetics.

We picked Jasper because of his amazing temperament and health. Everyone that sees him comments on how well behaved he. He was able to be off leash at just 6 months. He will stay by my side and is always watching me for a command. He is great with the kids and is always by a family member. He is very calm but enjoys our morning walks. He is the perfect all around dog. 

Why did we bring Jasper into our program?


Mini Bernedoodle Health

What is a f1 Tricolor Bernedoodle?

Jasper is a tricolor mini Bernedoodle. He is a great addition to our Mini Bernedoodle program.

Jasper Mini Bernedoodle

A f1 mini Bernedoodle is a mini poodle crossed with a Bernese Mountain Dog. F1 minis Bernedoodles are usually around 45 pounds. I have seen F1 minis as large as 65 pounds! Tricolor is the color of his coat. He has the three colors of the Bernese. He has the black, white, and tan markings of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

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