Gypsy Tricolor Mini Bernedoodle

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We picked Gypsy for our Tiny Bernedoodle and Teddy Bear Bernedoodle program because of her lineage and temperament. Her dam is our Rose. Her sire is Copper an outside stud we used to keep back mini Bernedoodles for our Bernedoodle program. 

She has the perfect personality to produce calm, easy going, puppies. One of the reasons we chose her other than her calm temperament and long lineage of health was because of her personality. We had a fun experience with Gypsy. We sent her to a trainer to see if she would be good with birds. We soon learned that she had no prey drive at all! We were happy about this because we have several families that want puppies that do not have prey drive. We think this will pass on to her puppies.

We can not wait to see her babies later this 2019. She is 35 pounds and 18 inches at the shoulders.

Gypsys testing is currently pending.