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 Once you have been pre-approved and sent in your deposit, you will be placed onto the Master Reservation List in the order deposits are received.  Once it's your pick, you can choose an available puppy, OR, decide to skip your turn for that litter and wait for a subsequent litter, (If you pick a puppy, your deposit is no longer transferable.) at which time you should have a higher pick with each subsequent litter (depends on how many ahead of you select a puppy... if nobody selects a puppy on a given litter, then you will remain at your position, and if anybody selects a puppy from that current litter, then you would move up accordingly).  Once we have a litter we will start going down our Master Reservation List  to see if they would like to select a puppy from that litter or wait until a future litter.  As people pass we will then move onto the next person(s).  It is imperative that you immediately respond within 4 hours after being notified of an available puppy of your interest, otherwise, we will have to keep moving down our list.  We ask that you keep an eye on our FaceBook page Utahbernedoodle Owners  for current and upcoming litters so that you're aware of this.  If you don't respond to our text and/or email notification of currently available puppies then we assume you will want to wait.  We will hold your spot on the Master Reservation List and again continue to move down the list as others ahead of you select a puppy.  NOTE: we can not guarantee when/if litters will arrive at certain times of the year.  We have general goals of how many litters we would like to produce and then rely upon mothernature. Please note that once you pick a puppy, your deposit is no longer transferable. If you chose not to bring the puppy you originally picked home, you understand that you forfeit your deposit and can not transfer to another litter. 


 To get on our waiting list you must first be pre-approved by completing our online puppy application Puppy Application and once approved would place a $500 nonrefundable deposit (this goes toward the purchase price of the puppy and not an extra cost) via PayPal. 

If you pay the deposit with check, money order, or certified check, your name will be added based on when we receive this payment.  All checks are to be made payable to Utahbernedoodle LLC and contact us for more information. We can NOT accept checks, money order, certified check, or PayPal at the time of puppy pickup (only for the initial deposit). 


IMPORTANT NOTE: All prices are subject to change and the breeder has the first option to have the first and second pick of each litter.  And never feel pressured to place a deposit....however if you know for sure you want one of our puppies it's always better to get onto our list sooner than later as our list does continue to grow.  We are increasing breeding projects to help meet the demand while being able to keep all of our breeding within our family however we can not guarantee turnaround time when a puppy will be available.  The usual turnaround time, if color is not the priority, is about 6 months. Please note that each time you pass on a litter that will potentially add another 6 months to your wait time. We have a very consistent conformation, personality, and coat quality but some colors are just in very high demand. Although we do produce beautiful colors and markings, we first breed for personality, conformation, and coat quality as our highest priority.

If you pass on a litter you will be required to contact me when you are ready for a puppy. When you contact me it may take up to another 6 months depending on what we have born at the time. 

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