Tricolor Bernedoodles can be born looking almost solid black, black and white, or they can be born with their rust markings already showing.  You can tell when a puppy is first born if rust will come in with age by looking underneath their tail. If they have rust under their tail brown will come in with age. The first picture is the puppy when he was 1 weeks old. The picture of the Bernedoodle below is the same puppy at 5 weeks. The picture with the 3 Bernedoodle puppies were born with the rust already showing.

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Tri color Bernedoodle Full Grown

How can I get a Tricolor Bernedoodle Puppy?


What do Tricolor Bernedoodles look like full grown? 


How is a Tri-color Bernedoodle produced?


Are all the Tri-color Bernedoodles the same?

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Tri-color Bernedoodles

What are the main colors of a tri-color Bernedoodle?

One great thing about the Bernedoodle is that you can have the same color as somebody else and your dog will still look different and unique. You can have a tricolor Bernedoodle with a full white blaze or a tricolor Bernedoodle with no white on their face at all. You can enjoy the pictures on this page showing off the vast variety of the different tricolors we produce at Utah Bernedoodles.


What do newborn tricolor Bernedoodles look like?

Phantom Tri color Bernedoodles
Bernedoodle puppies

A tri-color Bernedoodle is a Bernedoodle with black, rust, and white coloring. Tricolor Bernedoodles may or may not have white on the face. A traditional tricolor Bernedoodle looks similar to a Bernese Mountian Dog. Tricolor Bernedoodles can have a full white mask or limited white. 

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Tri color Bernedoodle

If you are interested in a tricolor Bernedoodle puppy please fill out our Bernedoodle puppy application here. 


Adult tricolor bernedoodles have the same color pattern as the Bernese mountain dog. Some bernedoodle coats can fade to a silver color where their black was and cream where their rust was. We focus on tricolor Bernedoodles that hold their black and rust color. 

Tri-color Bernedoodles are one of the most sought-after colors in the Bernedoodle. A perfect Tri-color Bernedoodle is the hardest color to produce. We have been breeding Bernedoodles for over 8 years so we are able to produce the traditional tri-color in every litter. We color test our breeding stock so we know before a litter is born that they will have tricolor bernedoodle puppies.

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