Brindle and White Bernedoodle

What is a Brindle Bernedoodle? Brindle is a coat coloring pattern dogs. It is sometimes described as "tiger-striped", although the brindle pattern is more subtle than that of a tiger's coat. Brindles can be classified as a blue based brindle or a red based brindle.

The brindle coloring comes in more with age. Brindles can be solid brindle, brindle with the white of the Bernese Mounaint Dog , or Brindle abstract. Brindle Bernedoodle will sometimes look tricolor. With other breeds brindle would simply be called brindle. Brindle does resemble a coat that has three colors so some people call them brindle tricolors. 

What do newborn Brindle Bernedoodles look like?

adult brindle bernedoodle

What do adult Brindle Bernedoodles look like?

If you would like one of our amazing brindle bernedoodles you will need to fill out our puppy application and place a deposit. Brindle Bernedoodles are rare so the wait for a brindle bernedoodle puppy will be at least 6 months! You can follow some of our past brindle Bernedoodles on instagram. 

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brindle Bernedoodle
Brindle Bernedoodle

How can I get on the list for a Brindle Bernedoodle?

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Brindle Bernedoodle puppies can look like a dark sable. They will have a brownish black coloring.

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Brindle Abstract Bernedoodle
Brindle Bernedoodle
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What is a Brindle Bernedoodle?- Brindle Tricolor Bernedoodle?

Adult brindle Bernedoodles are stunning! Adult Brindle Bernedoodles will have a brownish black coat color. In certain light brindle Bernedoodles can almost look black. 

adult brindle bernadoodle
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Brindle Bernedoodles are born with their brindle coloring. As the puppy gets older and the hair gets longer the brindle stripes will blend in. You can see in the pictures we have a newborn brindle Bernedoodle and the same brindle Bernedoodle at 6 weeks of age. The puppy still has the brindle stripes but because the hair is longer the colors blend in. 

When brindle Bernedoodles are puppies they will look like similar to a sable tricolor.

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What do Brindle Bernedoodle puppies look like?

Brindle Bernedoodle Puppy
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