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Adult Mini Bernedoodle Gilly

Gilly is a mini Bernedoodle. Her mom is a Bernese Moutnain Dog and her dad is a mini poodle.​

She was about 5 weeks old when I knew I had to have her in my program. Even as a young puppy she had the loyal, cuddly, loving attributes of the Bernese and the intelligence of the poodle.

Gilly is 24 pounds. She has wavy/straight hair. Gilly lives in a guardian home. Gilly is the happiest dog you will meet. She hasnt met a person she doesnt like. She is as smart as they come and knows every trick in the book.

This is what her guardian mom had to say about her. 

Gilly, where do I begin? I can’t even imagine life without her and I can’t remember what life was like before her. She joined our family when we needed her the most and has been great ever sense. She has brought countless days of laughter and love into our home. She has changed our lives for the better. She is our baby. She has the best personality. Not too hyper but hyper enough to play when we want to. 
From the first day we brought her home, she has been a cuddler. Whether you’re having a bad day or not, she is your go to snuggler. She knows if I’m sad and gives extra cuddles then. She sleeps next to our bed every night, so she can be close to us. She knows that when I sit on the floor, my lap is her spot and will hang out there. She hates being alone. Wherever I am, she is there beside me. When I come home, she greets me with a wagging tail and the biggest smile on her face. She enjoys going on walks, feeding our chickens, going on hikes in the mountains, and getting the mail. She likes to play in the water, but she is not a swimmer. Most of all, she loves people and kids! She is a great protector and will only bark if she feels threatened. Anyone we welcome into our home, she greets them with loves and kisses. She also makes sure that everyone knows that she likes to be pet by placing her paw on them if they stop petting her. 
Gilly has a goofy side. She likes to take empty water bottles and pull the lids off. She doesn’t chew the bottle or eat the lid, she just pulls it off and leaves it. Whenever her BarkBox comes in with her new toys, I know the first thing she’s going to do is bite their ears off. You won’t find a single toy in her toy box that still has its ears attached. She likes to race with me and hates to lose. She loves when I turn on music and we dance around the house. 
She is very eager to please and will do anything for a treat, spin and peek a boo are her favorite tricks. She loves apples and carrots, but she doesn’t like bananas or celery.
Gilly is DNA tested with Pawprints genetics. Click on the Pawprint picture below to go to her Pawprint pedigree.

We tested her for Degenerative Myelopathy WT/M (Clear/Carrier)
Degenerative Myelopathy (Bernese Mountain Dog Type) WT/WT Normal (clear) 
GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type) WT/WT Normal (clear) 
Osteochondrodysplasia WT/WT Normal (clear) 
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration WT/WT Normal (clear) 
Von Willebrand Disease I WT/WT Normal (clear)

Gillys hips good VC with x-ray.

She is a full sister to Meadow and Mia. Every dog from her mother that has been tested for hips has had good or excellent hips!

She comes from a long line of health tested Bernese.

Check out her instagram account for more pictures. Gilly Mini Bernedoodle Instagram.