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Mini Bernedoodles are usually 25-50 pounds. Minis can be as small as 15 pounds and as large as 65 pounds. If you are wanting a Bernedoodle that will stay under 50 pounds you will want to get a tiny Bernedoodle. Mini Bernedoodles are a first generation cross of the Bernese Mountain Dog and a Mini poodle meaning they are 50% Bernese Mountain Dog making it harder to determine the adult size of a puppy. 

​Harper is 17' at the shoulder and 30 pounds. You can see her next to an adult and next to a twin bed frame. 

Mini Bernedoodle Full Grown
Mini Bernedoodle Full Grown

Small Mini Bernedoodle size-Bernedoodle

mini bernedoodle adult dog
adult small mini bernedoodle
Mini Bernedoodle Size

Cece is 15' at the shoulder and 35 pounds. She has more of the Bernese build.

​Top quality Bernedoodles Standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Tiny Bernedoodle puppies. "Often imitated, never duplicated" 

Meadow is 18 pounds and 15" She is a small F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Adult Mini Bernedoodle Size

Mini Bernedoodle adult size

What is The Size of Mini Bernedoodles?