Trip is our retired phantom standard poodle. He has produced some of our amazing traditional tricolor Bernedoodles and phantom Bernedoodles. He has several past puppies in therapy and service work. We bred this paring to continue his lines in our program. Trip comes from 5 generations of health tested parents and has champions throughout his lines. We picked Trip for our program because of his health, temperament, and stunning color.Type your paragraph here.

Midas was one of our favorite and we could not wait until he was old enough to be in our Bernedoodle program. Our amazing co-owners did his preliminary testing for their own program and as soon as we decided to use him in our Bernedoodle program we sent in his testing ourselves.

Just like we thought Midas passed his testing with flying colors. His hips passed Excellent with OFA. That is the best possible scoring a dog can get! His Elbows passed normal with OFA and his genetic panel was done with Pawprints. You can click the link below to see his results!! Midas has a beautiful sable coat with a full white chest and white on his paws. Before we officially added Midas to our program we waited to see what he would produce with our co own home. After having his first litter with our co-owners, we knew we had to have him in our Bernedoodle program.

All of Midas puppies were getting raving reviews about their amazing temperaments. Just being around his litter and seeing their calm disposition sold me on officially adding him to our Bernedoodle program. We had our first Bernedoodle litter with him February 1, 2018. He had Sable Bernedoodles, Tricolor Bernedoodles, and Phantom Bernedoodles. After breeding took place I would check my calendar daily. I couldn’t hold my excitement in. I literally checked my calendar daily hoping it would make the time go by faster so I could see his puppies. FYI it did not make time go by faster. Time seemed to stand still. I would tell myself I couldn’t look until Tuesday, Thursday, Friday……… After what seemed like an eternity, puppies were born. We could not be more pleased with his litter. Each and every puppy has amazing temperaments, coats, and confirmation. I cannot wait to see his future bernedoodle litters.  We are planning 2 other Bernedoodle litters with him this year.

Midas is Utah Bernedoodles' prized Standard Poodle. We co-won him with a good friend of ours. He has produced amazing Bernedoodles for us. He has Sable Bernedoodles, Tricolor Bernedoodles, and Phantom Bernedoodles. All of these Bernedoodle colors are stunning! Not only does he produce the desired Tricolor Bernedoodle his Bernedoodle puppies have amazing temperaments. All of his Bernedoodle puppies have passed their aptitude testing with amazing scores.

Midas is out of our very own poodle pairing. I searched high and low for a poodle that would produce sable Bernedoodles for my Bernedoodle program. After years of searching and not finding what I was looking for to produce the sable Bernedoodles with the health and temperament,  I decided to breed my own poodle litter. After doing the appropriate health testing on Trip we had several Bernedoodle litters with him. Every one of his puppies had amazing temperaments. We constantly get compliments on the docile temperaments in our Bernedoodle puppies out of Trip. We love his puppies so much we kept a few back in our own program.  You can learn more about the poodle here.

After doing the appropriate testing on our girl taffy we had 2 amazing Bernedoodle litters with her. All of her puppies had amazing temperaments. We loved her puppies so much we had to have a F1B litter with one of her puppies. One of the families that had one of her F1 Bernedoodle puppies reached out to us and we had a beautiful F1B Bernedoodle litter with Zazu and Trip.

We wanted to have a poodle litter out of parents that were proven to produce healthy puppies with loving, goofy, loyal, docile temperaments. The stunning Tricolor and Sable Bernedoodles are just a bonus!

Midas Standard Poodle

Taffy is one of our retired standard poodle females. She has produced some of our amazing sable tricolor and traditional tricolor Bernedoodles. She has had several past puppies that are certified service and therapy dogs. She comes from 3 generations of health tested parents. We choose to breed her for pure breeds because of her health, temperament, and of course the beautiful colors she produces in her puppies. Taffy has one of the blockiest shapes for a standard poodle. Her great confirmation passed to her Bernedoodle puppies and to her poodle puppies.

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Midas is a proud confident dog with a super intelligent brain. He is fast and athletic with perfect confirmation. He's a very important part of our family and is loved by everyone. He loves to be pet and be by your side. He is loyal, goofy, and smart. We think he is part human. He has those soulful eyes. We always say he is an old soul. We are thrilled to have him in our Bernedoodle program, we could not be happier with his Bernedoodle puppies he produced so far, and look forward to what is to come!  

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Hips: OFA Excellent         Elbows: OFA Normal            

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So after 5 years of research and proving what each parent produced we choose to do a poodle litter with Trip and Taffy! We waited patiently for 60 days while the puppies grew in her belly. On November 31st, 2015 at 9:02 pm Midas was the first puppy born. As soon as he was born I knew I had to have him. He was a beautiful sable with a full white chest. His nose surprisingly was all black even as a newborn. After a long night, we had a colorful litter of 9 puppies 8 males and 1 female.

Taffy was an amazing mom and all of the puppies grew fast. We raised the litter using the puppy culture program. We watched them grow from day one and at 8 weeks we officially picked out our favorites. We picked based off of temperament and confirmation. We couldn’t just have one so we found guardian and co-own homes for 4 of the puppies. I know a bit excessive but when you get the perfect pairing you cannot just pick one!! We placed 4 males in guardian homes and co-own homes so we would be able to keep them in our program.  

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