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Mini Bernedoodles and Sarge

We wanted a Mini Poodle we could use in our Tiny Bernedoodle program and still be able to consistently produce puppies that were calm and docile like the Bernese mountain dog. We looked for a breeder that specialized in calm temperaments in their Mini Poodle breeding program. We did not want a Mini Poodle with off the wall energy or a poodle that would bark excessively. We wanted a calm easy going quiet temperament.

We needed a Mini poodle that was tall enough to produce Mini Bernedoodles with the desired build. We needed to make sure that our mini poodle would not have short legs and a long body like so many toy and mini poodles tend to have. We picked Sarge because even as a young puppy you could tell he would have a good proportion. He is a good height for his size.

And we needed a mini poodle that would produce mini Bernedoodles and tiny Bernedoodles that were traditional tricolors with the white of the Bernese mountain dog and sable phantom. On the top of that, we were trying to reach our goal to reduce fading in our Mini Bernedoodle puppies to get stunning mini Bernedoodles that would resemble the Bernese mountain dog. So far Sarge has held his color so we cannot wait until his puppies are old enough to get a good indication of how their coat will change as the puppies age.

We found everything we were looking for in our boy Sarge.

Sarge Paw Print Genetics

Sarge Moyen Poodle

Sarge is adorable and a charmer. He loves to snuggle and give kisses playful and social he is also very laid back for a mini poodle and very gentle. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and will let the other dogs walk all over him. Marshall gets along with Jack because they are both laid back and easy going. Where ever Jack is you can find Sarge. 

Sarge is amazing with children and loves to be with people. He has an independent side but will make sure he knows where you are in case he needs to be pet. He has a goofy side to him. When he is excited he will dance with the kids and get in the most random spots. If the kids tell him to get in a box he will get in a box, if the kids tell him to get on a small stool he will get on a small stool, If the kids tell him to get on the swing he will get on the swing.

There isn’t anything he won’t do for a treat. He loves to please and always wants to learn a new trick. I think his least favorite thing to do is get his picture taken. He always makes the silliest faces or puts his head down when I am trying to take pictures. He is definitely a social dog and when he is not following Jack around he would rather be on your lap or sitting next to your feet.

Mini Bernedoodles and Mini Poodles

Mini Poodle

Sarge is another one of our amazing Moyen Poodle studs for our Mini Bernedoodle and Tiny Bernedoodle program. He is 22 pounds and 16" with the perfect build for Mini and Tiny Bernedoodles. 

When looking for a new Moyen poodle stud for our Bernedoodle program. We knew we had to look for a poodle that was healthy, had an amazing temperament, great confirmation, would produce the traditional tricolor Mini Bernedoodles, would produce Sable Mini Bernedoodles, and hopefully produce puppies that will hold their color.

So the search was on. I am always up for a challenge if it will better my program.

We love Mini Bernedoodles in any color, but because Bernese mountain dogs are my love breed, our goal is to produce puppies as close to the Bernese Mountain Dog as possible. At Utah Bernedoodles we strive to produce puppies that do not lighten up with age, have a stocky build, and have a calm easy going personality.

Utah Bernedoodles is more than excited to see what he will produce for our Mini Bernedoodle and Tiny Bernedoodle program. We cannot wait to see his puppies in 2020!​

Mini and Tyni Bernedoodle Litters 2020

Our original thought when looking for a new mini poodle stud for our Mini Bernedoodle program was that we would purchase a Mini poodle from Russia that came from lines of decades of poodle that did not fade and breed that mini poodle to an American poodle to get breed back the parti gene into the lines of the puppies. We researched and found a great breeder!

Tri Color Mini Poodle Sarge- Utah Bernedoodles

Moyen Poodle Sarge and Bernedoodle Puppies

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