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tricolor mini poodle
Coco tricolor mini Poodle

Tiny Bernedoodle Puppies -Micro Mini Bernedoodles

Coco Tricolor Mini Poodle

Coco lives in an amazing guardian home. This is what her guardian family has to say about her.

Coco Chanel is the happiest, most personalble dog who also knows how to tell time! She also is a keen judge of treat size - more on that later. Coco has rhythm. When she walks her tail wages in time to her step. She loves all dogs big and small - her favorite is her cousin who weighs 80 llbs. They take turns chasing each other - she is very strong despite her petite 12 lbs. She is so excited if the UPS truck arrives - she runs out and jumps in to wait for her treat. Speaking of treats - when she is given a treat with the other dogs she makes sure hers is as big or bigger or she won't eat it! She has dinner at 5:30 pm and she knows when it's 5:20 - she'll start asking for dinner. She goes next door for treats at 6:45 am and at 6 pm - that's treat time there where she will also be sure she gets the right size! She is a very devoted companion and is by my side except when she's playing! She was so easy to housebreak and train. She is going to be an amazing mom. I have a rescue kitten that she immediately took under her wing and helped to bathe and cuddle! I'm so fortunate to be the guardian for such an amazing little dog!

Coco will make a great addition to our tiny-micro mini Bernedoodle program. She comes to us from a great breeder in South Carolina. She comes from a long line of healthy poodles and we expect her to pass that to her babies.

She will have her first litter of tiny-micro mini Bernedoodles in September 2019. We can not wait to see them!!