Picking your Bernedoodle Puppy

So you placed your deposit: Now what?

Choosing from an available or planned future Bernedoodle Litter

Depending on if you placed a deposit on a puppy currently available or a puppy that is yet to be bred or born will determine how soon you will bring home your new family member. If you placed a deposit on a litter that is not yet bred or born the process may be anywhere from 8-24 months. The process of breeding to going home is 4 months. Gestation is 63-65 days puppies can not go home until 8-10 weeks. 

As soon as puppies are born I will update our Facebook group Utahbernedoodle Owners letting everyone know. (Please join us on Facebook at Utahbernedoodle Owners)

Please be ready to let me know if you will be picking from the current litter or waiting for a future litter. I need to know who will be picking a puppy from the current litter by the time the puppies are 1-2 weeks old. As soon as we have our list of families for our current litter we will make a Facebook page where I will share pictures and we can communicate easily. I will post pictures and videos of the puppies Bi-Weekly on our Facebook group. The picking process does not start until the puppies are 4-5 weeks old. Please be ready to pick your puppy by the time they are 4-5 weeks old. Please keep a few in mind so if one of the ones you were thinking of is picked before it is your turn. 

As soon as you pick your puppy you can send final payment with PayPal or Personal check to Ruth Sommers 12570 W 8040 N Penrose UT 84337

Now is the time to start thinking about delivery/pickup. 

What to look for when choosing my Bernedoodle puppy

Everybody has a different method of picking their puppy. We have literally had people reach into the puppy pen and pull out a puppy and say "This is the one" and then there are people who sit on the floor for hours going over each and every puppy over and over again. 

Some characteristics you can consider when choosing your puppy are: color, energy level, size, personality.

There's no one right way to choose the perfect puppy for your lifestyle. Each method has it's advantages and disadvantages. Although there are no hard and fast rules to picking the right puppy, we can give you some gerenal guidelines:

  • If you have small children (less than 5 years old), pick a middle-of-the-road puppy. Putting a dominant puppy with small children that he can easily intimidate is only asking for problems later. A very mellow, soft puppy might not be able to take the abuse even the most well-behaved children can dish out.

  • If your children are older or more active, go for an active puppy but with lower dominant behaviors. (Dominance and activity level are not the same thing).

  • If you have never had a dog before, again go for the middle- of-the-road puppy or a softer puppy if you don't have children. A less dominant personality in the puppy will make it easier for you to take control from the start.

  • If you have had dogs before and been successful in training them, then you are in the position of being able to pick any puppy.

Preparing your home for your new Bernedoodle Puppy

Now that you picked your puppy it is time to get your home ready for a new puppy. Watch as many training videos as you can and get all of the necessary items.

1. Food 

2. Food and Water Bowls Stainless steel is best

3. Id Tags

4. Collar/Leash (I will send 1 home with him/her)

5. Bed/Crate 

6. Poop Bags (I will send some home with him/her)

7. Treats

8. Chew Toys

9. Vitamins and Supplements (Go to the Lifes Abundance link above)

10. Brush

11. Shampoo

12. Nail clippers 

13. Playpen or baby gates

14. A good Veterinarian (Get you appointment set within 3 days of going home)

Everything is ready you have all of your puppy supplies your puppy is now 5/6 weeks old. Now is the time to finalize pickup/drop off. 

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