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Chuck is one of Utah Bernedoodles Moyen mini poodles we chose for our Bernedoodle program. He is laid back, cuddly, and intelligent. He is one of the most outgoing poodles I have seen and passes that to his Mini Bernedoodle puppies. He is 20 pounds and 15" He is the perfect size and has the perfect confirmation to produce puppies with the blocky build of the Bernese. To learn more about Chuck please go to his page here

She has the perfect personality to produce calm, easy going, Bernedoodles. One of the reasons we chose her other than her calm temperament and long lineage of health was because of her personality. She stands out in our program because of her love for people and other animals. She does not care who it is she will sit on your lap and ask for cuddles. She is so loving even our rabbit is not afraid of her. She is a big dog in a smaller 30 pound body. Learn More about her here!


This Tiny/F1B Mini Bernedoodle litter will produced  merle tricolors. You can learn more about our Merle tricolor Bernedoodles by going to our Merle tricolor Bernedoodle page here

Mia Mini Bernedoodle
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tiny Bernedoodle
Chuck Mini Poodle
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These Bernedoodle puppies will be ready to go home around Christmas. They will be around 9 weeks old. We do not allow any of our F1B Mini Bernedoodle puppies to go home before they are 8 weeks old. We like to keep them until they are 8-10 weeks depending on what size they are.

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