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​Top quality Bernedoodles Standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Tiny Bernedoodle puppies. "Often imitated, never duplicated" 

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The key with all potty training is to start early and be consistent. Place your dog on a regular feeding schedule so you can predict when they'll need to go outside, and praise them, pat them, and give them a small treat every time they demonstrate good behaviour.

Wee Away is great and smells great. It is an enzyme based product that sanitizes your dog Toilet area, remove smells, and breaks down the acid in your dogs wee that can cause carpet stains. I personally would recommend this as a MUST HAVE.

​Wee Care - is another enzyme based product that sanitizes your dogs Toilet area. Wee Care is non toxic, non irritating,100% biodegradable and safe for your pet, family and the environment. With regular use Wee Care creates an odor free, living area for your pet

We recommend frequent  tooth brushing with pet-safe enzymatic toothpaste. Teaching your puppy to accept toothbrushing early makes it easier and more enjoyable for them as adults. We like  Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste in Vanilla Mint. 

The Quantum LeashTM is an award-winning, versatile dog lead that converts into 6 different styles. With a simple carabiner adjustment, this leash easily switches styles depending on your activity. Fully extended, the Quantum Leash goes from a 6’ lead to a 3’ lead, to a hands-free dog leash that goes around the waist or over the shoulder courier style. With a quick change, it can become a double dog walker. A floating padded handle provides you with the utmost comfort and support in every configuration. Available in regular nylon and reflective nylon.


Wire Puppy PlayPen

A collar may be used for control, identification, fashion, or other purposes. ... Collars are often used in conjunction with a leash, and a common alternative to a dog collar is a dogharness.

The first thing we recommend is to find a good vet. You will need to take your puppy in for his/her health check with in three days of going home. Book an appointment before your puppy goes home.


A Good Vet

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Bernedoodle Toy


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Chances are you're envisioning your pup curled up in a cozy dog bed. This could happen, but most likely, your pup will prefer the feel of cool tile or hardwood floor beneath them. We love the raised hammock dog beds. There are many to chose from. You can see a few options here. 

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How often will I need to groom my Bernedoodle? A thorough brushing 2 x a week until you puppy is 6 months old will be enough. You will want to bath your puppy every 6 weeks. Before bathing brush out all matts. This will prevent matting. Between baths you can use a leave in shampoo.  We use the slicker brush if there are no matts. If they are matted we use the rake style brush first than the slicker brush. 

You will not need to shave your bernedoodle all the way down until they are around 12 months unless you let them get matted. Pictures below are an example of one of our Mini Bernedoodles. We gave her the doodle groom and to show what a shaved Bernedoodle looks like we shaved her all the way down.

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Are you planning for the arrival of your new puppy from Utahberneoodles. We consider the following items as proactive investments to tackle some challenges inherent with a new puppy. We understand the abundance of "stuff" that one can accumulate with a new puppy, and we hope this list will give you a head start on getting organized and identifying helpful tools to create a solid foundation for adulthood. 

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Airline Approved Puppy carrier

Walking harnesses make walks more enjoyable. A dog harness is piece of equipment for dogs, generally similar to harness tack for horses. There are various designs depending on the type of use, whether it be for assistance to a person with a disability, hauling a cart or sled, or pulling a human being, such as in skijoring or pulka.

Will you be flying in to pick up your puppy?

If you plan to fly in and meet us at the airport, you will need an airline approved puppy carrier that can fit in cabin with you. You can get my favorite carrier at amazon using the link below. 

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Your pets deserve the best start in life. We recommend these supplements by NuVet 

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Toys are a fantastic way to tire out your pup. Short bursts of energy on a grassy surface is optimal. We recommend having several different chew toys for your puppy.  You can see a few different options here. 

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Pet Insurance

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Wee away

We believe nutrition is the number one way to maintain a healthy dog. We have tried a variety of foods and there are many great dog foods to choose from. Do your homework and feed your beloved family member a quality diet. We will let you know what we are feeding your puppy so you can be prepared for your new family members arrival. Currently, we are feeding NutriSource® which provides super premium nutrition in a scientifically formulated easy-to-digest food.  If you plan to feed something different that is fine. But please do so after your puppy is home for at least 1 month. Going to a new home is stressful for a new puppy and is not the time to be changing up his/her food.

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We list Pet Insurance as a top "shopping" item because sometimes it goes by the wayside until an incident occurs. We highly recommend you cover your new puppy BEFORE they arrive. Many plans do not activate until the following month of purchase, please plan accordingly. 

Bernedoodle Odor eliminator

We're advocates of crate training. When integrated properly, crate-training is extremely effective for house-training and transitioning a puppy to their new home. We like the Midwest iCrate because of its quality, affordability, and the fact that it folds down easily for transport. The included divider panel allows you to use the same crate from puppy to adult. 


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An Exercise Pen is another great option for house-breaking. Helping to keep your pup safe and contained, exercise pens can be used in conjunction with a crate so pup can go in and out as they please. This can help alleviate some of the whining and crying that can occur as they adjust to the crate. 

If you can not supervise your new puppy 100% of the time keep them in the Exercise pen to avoid accidents on your carpet!