​Top quality Bernedoodles Standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Tiny Bernedoodle puppies. "Often imitated, never duplicated" 

Patches F1b Mini/Tiny bernedoodle

micro bernedoodle

Luca F1B Mini Bernedoodle

Turnkey Bernedoodle

Prices  can vary on the level of training intensity - Turnkey puppies start at $18,000. To get started, please email us at utahbernedoodles2021@outlook.com and we will enroll you in this program. Your puppy will start training when he or she is 8 weeks of age and remain until the completion of the program, usually at 6 months.

Trained Bernedoodle

Turnkey Bernedoodles

What is a Turn Key Bernedoodle?
A turn key Bernedoodle is a bernedoodle that goes home to you fully trained in obedience, house trained, and much more. If you are leading a busy life and the thought of a chewing, peeing, pooping, whining, jumping puppy is just to daunting.  Yet you can't live without the companionship a dog offers. A turnkey puppy is for you!

Which quote is yours?

"I want a companion, but I have a busy schedule......
“I want a dog, just like the dog…”
“The kids want a puppy but I don’t have the time to train it.”
“I don’t need to put up with all the chewing, peeing, pooping and jumping.”

They probably all are and here is the solution.
What you need is a Turn Key Dog from Utahbernedoodles.

Your puppy will be fully house-trained and crate-trained.
Your puppy will be obedience-trained.
Your puppy will be socialized in different situations, and places.
Your puppy will know sit, stay, down, come, and leash etiquette. 
You will receive a one-on-one training class at your home. Trainer will fly and deliver the puppy to you.  
You will receive a lifetime of support from trainer and breeder.

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