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​Top quality Bernedoodles Standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Tiny Bernedoodle puppies. "Often imitated, never duplicated" 

The first Bernedoodle breeder was Sherry Rupke with Swissride Kennels. She started breeding standard Bernedoodles in the early 2000. 

We have been breeding Bernedoodles since 2010
After years of research my husband and I decided to breed a Bernese to a poodle. Our goal was to produce bernedoodle puppies that would live 12+ years and be hypoallergenic. At the time we could not find any other breeders currently doing this except Swiss Ridge and the only bernedoodles that would show up when you googled Bernedoodle were black and white Bernedoodles. So we were going to have to learn how to produce the desired health, temperament, and colors on our own. 
My husband and I bought our first Bernese mountain dog as a wedding gift to ourselves. (One of the best decisions we ever made) We continued doing research to find a mate for our girl. At the time there were not many poodle breeders that bred for the colors we were looking for that were willing to sell to a potential doodle breeder. We were finally able to get a Standard Poodle male that fit our needs.

Because Bernedoodles are a fairly new breed nobody can say for certain how long they live. Our first Bernedoodle litter turn 8 this year and every one of the litter of 9 are still alive and doing well. In our Bernedoodle Breeding program we have not seen cancer. Because of this we expect the life of the Bernedoodle to be 10-15 years depending on the size of the Bernedoodle. Generally smaller breeds live longer than larger breeds. We expect our standard bernedoodles to live 10-12 years, our Mini Bernedoodles to live 11-13 years, and our Tiny Bernedoodles to live 12-15 years.

how long have bernedoodles been around

How long have you been breeding Mini Bernedoodles?

How Long Have We Been Breeding Bernedoodles?

How long do Bernedoodles live?

How long have bernedoodles been around?

We had our first litter of Mini Bernedoodles in 2012. We had a beautiful litter of 8 tricolor and sable Bernedoodles. To my knowledge we were the first Mini Bernedoodle Breeder in America and only a few litters were born in Canada prior to our Mini litters. Because of our experience with breeding Mini Bernedoodles we are able to give a semi accurate estimate as to what your Mini Bernedoodle will weigh when they are older. When looking for a Mini Bernedoodle breeder please do your research. Breeding Mini Bernedoodles takes time and money. Most Mini Bernedoodle breeders have a wait list. Mini Bernedoodles cannot be bred naturally. 

How long have you been breeding standard Bernedoodles?

We had our first litter in 2010. Nine beautiful healthy girls! Four of the 9 went off to be certified therapy dogs. After seeing the amazing temperaments of the bernedoodles we never looked back. Since then we have placed puppies in over nearly every state in America, the UK, Canada, and Hungary.