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Sable Bernedoodle Puppies
Standard Sable Bernedoodle

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What do adult Sable Bernedoodles look like?

Sable Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale
Dark Sable Bernedoodle

Adult sable Bernedoodles can be any shade of red or brown. Some sable Bernedoodles can completely clear out to a light cream color and some will hold their dark brown/chocolate color. Genetics plays a huge role in determining if your sable Bernedoodle puppy will lighten up with age. 

Sable and White Bernedoodle

What is a sable Bernedoodle?- Sable Tricolor Bernedoodle?

Hoe can I get a Sable Bernedoodle Puppy-Do you have Sable Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale?

Sable is a term to describe the Bernedoodle coat color.

A sable bernedoodle has a coat represented by black-tipped hairs on a background of any solid color, with no particular pattern/location designated for such hairs. Sable Bernedoodles can be fully sable or have the white of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Sable Bernedoodles are stunning. You can see perfect examples of sables here.

Sable Bernedoodles can be called sable tricolors. The correct term would be sable and white. Sable Bernedoodles do look tricolor when they are puppies or when their hair is long but are technically not tricolor. Most sable Bernedoodle puppies will look tricolor until their adult coat comes in. Once the sable Bernedoodles adult coat comes in they will usually clear out.

Sable Bernedoodles are usually born looking solid black or looking phantom. You can start to see the sable color clearing out as early as a few days old. lighter sable will clear out to a cream color while darker sables will clear out to a darker color. 

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Sable Bernedoodle Puppy
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Adult Sable Bernedoodle

What do newborn Sable Bernedoodles look like?

Sable Berendoodle Full Grown