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Bernedoodles with straight hair will have straight hair all over the body. Bernedoodles with straight hair are not IC affected. Having straight hair and being IC affected are two different things.

Bernedoodle coat

Bernedoodles with straight coats

What is The Bernedoodle Coat Like?

The primary concerns for any dog breeder must be health, temperament and conformation; but who can deny that the outward appearance of a Bernedoodle pulls at our heartstrings! With careful breeding, breeders can now produce litters with predictable coat types and shedding propensities.

One of the things that many people find attractive about the Bernedoodle is the low shedding and hypo-allergenic qualities of the coat, and the adorable ragamuffin look of the Bernedoodle. DNA research now gives us information about how coat genes affect the “look” of a Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodle Coat and Texture

Bernedoodle with a curly coat

Bernedoodle with a wavy coat

Bernedoodles with a wavy coat will have straight hair on the muzzle and wavy hair on the rest of the body. In all of our F1 Bernedoodle pairings we have puppies with the wavy coat. This is one of my favorite coat types. 

Bernedoodle Wavy Coat

Bernedoodle Coat like
Bernedoodle coat types
Bernedoodle with no furnishings

IC affected Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle with a wavy coat
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Below  you can see a picture of a Bernedoodle with a curly coat. 

Bernedoodle IC affected

FURNISHINGS or IC affected

What are Furnishings and Improper coat (gene RSP02)?

Furnishings are the longer facial hair, including eyebrows, mustache and beard, found on most Bernedoodles. Bernese Mountain Dogs have an “open face,” that is, short facial hair. There is another term to describe the lack of furnishings: incorrect coat. The gene responsible for furnishings is dominant; so by testing the parent dogs DNA, it can be determined if a breed pair will produce puppies that all have furnishings, or if there will be some puppies with an incorrect (or Bernese like) coat. Dogs with furnishings are lower shedding than dogs without furnishings.  If you have a family with allergies, a Bernedoodle with an incorrect coat is not the best match for you. By testing the parent dogs of Multigen Bernedoodles, your breeder can be sure not to breed parents that will produce puppies with incorrect coats (without furnishings) unintentionally. These Bernedoodles do not have furnishings. 

Bernedoodles can have straight, wavy, or curly coats.

Bernedoodle with Bernese Mountain Dog coat
Bernedoodle with Straight Hair