Oliver is our f1b Bernedoodle stud

Oliver F1B Mini Bernedoodle-Tiny Bernedoodle

Oliver F1B Bernedoodle

Oliver has an amazing temperament. He has the perfect amount of energy and calm. He loves everyone he meets and is not afraid of anything. He is great with all the other dogs. I can have him around a 5 pound poodle stud and he gets along. He is not the alpha type. He likes to go on car rides and is my running buddy. He is one of the only dogs that will go the full distance. He can keep up with me on foot or on my bike. He is a great hiking buddy and I can take him anywhere.

Oliver F1B Bernedoodle Health 


F1B Bernedoodle Temperament

Oliver is a very healthy guy. He passed Penhip with flying colors and is completely clear through genetics. 

Oliver is our f1b mini Bernedoodle. A f1b mini Bernedoodle can also be called a tiny Bernedoodle. F1b bernedoodles can have the curly coat like the poodle or the straighter hair like the f1. Oliver has a curly coat. We picked him because of his lineage and genetics. Oliver is F/F meaning his puppies are more likely to be hypoallergenic and all of his puppies will have furnishings. 

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