Top quality Bernedoodles Standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Tiny Bernedoodle puppies. 


Utahbernedoodles welcomes you to a world of Bernedoodles. We raise the best Bernedoodles in America. Bernedoodles are a hybrid cross between a Bernedoode and the Poodle. To my knowledge I was one of the first breeders in America to purposely cross the Bernese with the poodle. I have worked hard to develop a program that focuses on health, calm temperament, and consistent beautiful colors.  We focus on Tricolor, Sable tricolor, Merle tricolor, and Phantom. We occasionally have black/white. 

You can learn more about Bernedoodles by browsing our site. Be sure to also check out our Available Puppies page  and information on our  upcoming litters.


F1B Bernedoodles

What is a F1B bernedoodle?

A standard F1B bernedoodle is a standard bernedoodle crossed with a poodle. 

A Mini F1B or what we call a Tiny Bernedoodle is a Mini Bernedoodle crossed with a mini or toy poodle. 

Mini Bernedoodle!

Mini Bernedoodles


Bernedoodle Breeder

F1 Standard Bernedoodles

What is a standard F1 Bernedoodle?

A standard bernedoodle is a cross between

a moyen or standard poodle with a

Bernese Mountain Dog.

Standard bernedoodles can range in size

from 50-100 pounds. Smaller standards tend

to be 50-75 pounds and larger standards tend

to be 80-100 pounds.

Check out our upcoming standard litters.

Mini Bernedoodles
Bernedoodle puppies

Mini Bernedoodles

What is a Mini Bernedoodle.

A mini bernedoodle is a cross between a mini poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Mini Bernedoodles can range in size from 18-65 pounds with the average 30-45 pounds. 

Check out our upcoming mini litters.

What do we offer? 

Tiny Bernedoodle

What is a tiny bernedoodle?

A tiny bernedoodle is a cross between a mini bernedoodle and a Toy or mini poodle. 

Tiny bernedoodles range in size from 10-30 pounds. Check out our upcoming tiny litters.