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Because Bernedoodles are smart, tolerant, loyal and super affectionate, they make wonderful family dogs and personal companions. They love to play games, go on hikes and be part of the family. Bernedoodles love kids and get along well with other animals. They don't usually bark, accept to warn of a stranger on your property. Bernedoodles are usually hypoallergenic and are low to non-shedding. 

Ideal Service Dog Candidates

Our Bernedoodles make ideal Service Dogs because we breed for health, intelligence and temperament first.  Because of these proven traits in which we consistently achieve in our breeding, our dogs make ideal service dogs ranking high in three particular service categories... Mental Therapy, Physical Assistance and Diabetic Alert dogs. Utahbernedoodles is proud to have dogs placed in all 3 categories with several of our past puppies now excelling as Diabetic Alert Dogs.

Utahbernedoodles welcomes you to a world of Bernedoodles. We raise the best Bernedoodles in America. Bernedoodles are a hybrid cross between a Bernedoode and the Poodle. To my knowledge I was one of the first breeders in America to purposely cross the Bernese with the poodle. I have worked hard to develop a program that focuses on health, calm temperament, and consistent beautiful colors.  We focus on Tricolor, Sable tricolor, Merle tricolor, and Phantom. We occasionally have black/white. 

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