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The Bernese Mountain Dog originated as a strong working dog in the Switzerland farmlands. Used for pulling heavy carts and herding cattle, this mountain dog has an intense amount of muscle, making the Bernedoodle a fairly strong dog breed.

Why a Bernese Mountain Dog?

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Bernese Mountain Dog Lifespan

Why Buy a Bernese Mountain Dog

Because of their active life, Bernese Mountain dogs are not well suited for an apartment life. Plenty of space in a fenced yard will help these dogs get the exercise they need. These dogs love playing in the great outdoors.

These dogs have a pretty thick coat, so keeping them cool during the summer months will be important. Because their coat keeps them extra warm, Bernese Mountain Dogs love to play in the snow. It’s important you keep your Bernese Mountain Dog well groomed and combed, and always check for any sores, rashes, or infections on their skin.

As you probably know by now, Bernedoodles are a mix between the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. But why a Bernese Mountain Dog? As it turns out, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a number of high-quality traits that create the wonderful characteristics found in Bernedoodles. Let’s dig into the some of their well known traits and attributes.

Bernese Mountain Dog Size & Weight

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Bernese Mountain Dog Care

The Bernese Mountain Dog, like other breeds, is prone to health conditions. The Bernese Mountain Dog will live for an average of about 7.2 years. Various forms of cancer can even cause some Bernese Mountain Dogs to sadly pass away after only 3 or 4 years. There are currently many research efforts trying to end this unfortunate case.

Bernese Mountain Dog Coat

Bernese Dog Personality

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Bernedoodles are an incredibly playful and energetic breed. It should be no surprise therefore, that the Bernese Mountain Dog also thrives being with his family and friends and be included in family activities. The Bernese Mountain Dog also displays qualities of affection, intelligence, compassion, and gentleness. It should be noted that these dogs grow in size pretty quickly, so they will typically reach adult size before adult maturity.

Bernese Mountain Dog Strength

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The average Bernese Mountain Dog has a size ranging from 1 foot, 11 inches to 2 feet, 3 inches tall up to the dog’s shoulder. Their weight can span between 70 to 115 pounds. These dogs are typically large in stature. Poodles are usually much smaller than the Bernese, so Bernedoodles will certainly be smaller. However, the larger the Bernese Mountain Dog, the larger their Bernedoodle offspring will typically be.