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Now that we talked about her coat color lets go over the best part of her! Her health and temperament. Her health and temperament cannot be beaten!! She comes from over 5 generations of health tested parents. She is genetically clear for all poodle disease that can be tested for. 

His parents have Excellent and good hips and both scored in the 90th percentile with Pennhip. All of the sibling I know of have tested Excellent with OFA and in the 90th percentile for Pennhip. That is saying a lot! Pennhip is a more accurate way of testing hips for dysplasia. 

She is one of the calmest poodles I have seen. Even as a young puppy she was never overly hyper or energetic. From day one she was my son’s shadow. She has literally never jumped up on any of my children. She didn’t have to be taught to be careful he seemed to just know. HSh is not dominating and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. 

Reece is a sweet, goofy, energetic girl. She loves kids and other dogs. She is intelligent and alert. She is willing to please and needs a job to do. She is great with agility and obedience. She is always there when you need a companion. She is 65 pounds and 24'. Her Bernedoodles will be BIG Bernedoodles. She is the largest female Standard Poodle I have seen. Her Dad is 80 pounds. We are guessing her Bernedoodles will be 80 pounds and up!

We tested her with OFA on hips and Elbows. She passed hips:Excellent and elbows:Normal. We did her DNA testing with Paw prints genetics. She is clear on GM2 Gangliosidosis, clear on Degenerative Myelopathy, clear on Progressive Retinal Atrophy, clear on Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration, clear on Osteochondrodysplasia, and clear on Von Willebrand Disease. She is healthy dog and I know that will pass down to her puppies.

Reece Phantom Poodle
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Reece & our Bernedoodle puppies

Reece's Background

Reece Standard Poodle

Reece comes from long lines of poodles that carry the Rufus gene. The Rufus gene is rare, generally appear in apricot lines, and appear to be the result of a separate gene. Willis, citing Robinson, talks about "rufus" genes, that are poorly characterized, but may act to darken an apricot or brown coat. As the poodle pedigrees for reds suggest only one such gene, I propose that it be called F (rufus; R is already used for roan). The recessive allele, f, produces red in an apricot (i.e. eeff), and may also affect brown, but is supposed to have no effect on black. In my terms, the Rufus gene is the reverse fading gene meaning that instead of going from black to grey or rust to tan the coat will go from black to jet black and the rust will go from rust to deep rust.

Reece ​Standard Poodle

We love all Bernedoodles and think it is fun to watch the color change but our ultimate goal has always been to produce Bernedoodles that resemble the Bernese mountain dog. It has been a long journey and I am excited to see what Reece has in store for our Bernedoodle program. One of the reasons it was such a long journey is because for decades the fading gene has been bred into poodles. I was not able to breed a non-fading poodle from my own lines because of the time it would take to breed out the fading gene. I had to find a breeder that already had the lines that have been worked on for decades. Even with decades of moving away from the fading gene it is very possible puppies will still fade out or lighten up. Our goal is to reduce the lightning of the rust color in our Bernedoodles. 

We searched through Reece's pedigree contacting breeders and families to see if the dogs in his lines faded and to see what age the fading started. Most of the families said they did not fade but darkened up with age. The creams turned red, the apricots turned dark red, and the browns stayed brown or went a shade darker.

When Reece was first born her rust was very dark, around 10 weeks it was a deep rust color, as she got older his rust turned a deep dark rust. She has a rare dark rust color on his brows, checks, legs, and back-end and her black is jet black. Instead of getting lighter with age her coat is getting darker and we love it! We cannot wait to see how her puppies turn out.

Reece is Utah Bernedoodles' new and very long awaited standard poodle female for our standard Bernedoodle puppies program. Reece is 65 pounds and 24' She has a shorter muzzle with a square build.

When I was looking to replace my standard poodle females to get the same beautiful tricolor Bernedoodles Taffy produced, I didn’t realize how hard it would be and how long it would take to find the perfect poodle females to replicate what we had with Taffy producing the stunning tri-color Bernedoodle consistently with the white of the Bernese.

When searching out the perfect standard poodle that would produce the tricolor Bernedoodles I decided to take it a step farther and try to produce tricolor Bernedoodles that did not fade. I searched, searched, search, and searched some more. After that I searched and I searched and I searched some more and finally, after years of searching, I found what I think will do exactly what I want to do. 

Bernedoodle Color changes

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