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Nova Bernedoodle

Nova Bernese Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Nova

Why did we pick Nova for our bernedoodle program?

If you would like to take one of our standard Bernedoodles home with you, we do require that you fill out an application so we can see if one of our puppies would be a good fit for your family. As soon as you fill out your application and it is accepted you will be asked to place a $500 deposit to hold your spot on the list. Our list fills up fast! Our mini Bernedoodle list is usually full before puppies are even born. You can fill out our puppy application here.

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Bernese Nova
Nova Bernese

We picked Nova for our standard Bernedoodle program because of her lineage, confirmation and temperament. She comes from generations of health tested parents and from a line of top quality European Bernese.

She has the perfect personality to produce calm, easy going, Bernedoodles that think they are a lap dog. One of the reasons we chose her other than her calm temperament and long lineage of health was because of her personality. Nova is fun, loving, cuddly, sweet and loyal. She and Ruby are full sisters. Nova loves everyone. She loves to sit right next to your feet. I call her my shadow. Anywhere I go she is right there. She does the bernese lean. If you are near you she want to be touching you. She shows no preference. Whether she’s in the yard playing with the dogs, or chilling by my feet while I answer my e-mails, she is fully content. Nova came to me from a good friend, Terri, who has been breeding Bernese for several years. Terri takes in breeding perfect family dogs with extensive histories of genetically cleared and tested parents

I cannot wait to see her puppies this fall! Nova is a large Bernese at 100 pounds of perfection and around 25 inches tall. She has the stocky European build.

We tested Nova for her hips and elbows. She passed hips good and elbows normal. We tested her with Pawprints for DM and VWD. She tested DM: Clear/Clear and Vwd: Clear/Clear. She is healthy dog and I know that will pass down to her puppies.​

Click here to see her OFA testing.