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Ensuring your Bernedoodle has access to fresh water is important as dehydration can lead to dry skin which weakens the hair and can cause more shedding.

Bernedoodles and Shedding

Bernedoodles are a mix between a poodle and Bernese mountain dog. While poodles are far less likely to shed due to their curly hair type, Bernese mountain dogs have straighter hair which is easier to shed. Most Bernedoodles, however, have the wavy coat that is low to no shed hair type. This helps their coat to be hypoallergenic for which most people with allergies are okay with. Bernedoodles with a more curly coat is more like the poodle and will not shed.  It is very rare to have a bernedoodle with straight hair. The straighter the coat the more it will shed.

If you’re Bernedoodle is one of the few that sheds hair, there are a few ways you can reduce the amount of shedding.

Bath your Bernedoodle Regularly

Giving your Bernedoodle a bath helps remove any loose fur as you scrub and brush their coat. This helps create a softer and stronger coat for your Bernedoodle. You’ll want to be careful as too much bathing can cause dry skin and cause additional shedding.

Keep Your Bernedoodle Well Groomed

Ways to Reduce Shedding

Give your Bernedoodle plenty of fresh water

Bernedoodles Shedding - Utah Bernedoodles

Brushing your Bernedoodle twice a week will make shedding less noticeable and will help keep their coat clean. Bernedoodles need to be brushed at least once a week to prevent mating. It is also helpful and necessary to have your Bernedoodle clipped every few months. You can do this yourself as it is relatively simple or have a professional do it.