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When choosing your Bernedoodle puppy, here are some characteristics to consider:

Bernedoodle puppies come in many different colors including tricolor (having 3 colors), sable, phantom, brindle, and Bi-color (having 2 colors). Check out our article on What Are The Different Bernedoodle Colors for more information.

Energy Level 
Most Bernedoodle puppies are quite active and playful with kids, but in some cases you may want a puppy that’s more mellow. Considering the energy level you would like your puppy to have is important when choosing your puppy.

While all Bernedoodle puppies are relatively small after they’re born they still slightly vary in size from one another. Some will be bigger than others and some will be smaller than others. Knowing whether you would prefer a larger puppy to a smaller one or vise versa can help you narrow down your choices.

This goes along with the puppies energy level type. Puppies with a high energy level tend to have a more active and lively personality while puppies with a lower energy level tend to have a more quiet and simple personality. Some puppies may be a little timid as they experience their new homes and families, but over time they’ll learn to playfully adapt to their environment.

Bernedoodle Puppies

Bernedoodle Puppies are sure to warm your heart with their cute little eyes, fluffy fur, and playful temperament.

Choosing a Bernedoodle puppy isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be hard to decide which puppy stands out to you as “The One”. Sometimes it’s their fur pattern or color, other times it’s their character or personality. And sometimes you just have this inner feeling that tells you which one stands out to you. Some people can spend hours looking over the different puppies, while others can reach in and pull out “The One” in an instant.

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